Garden Maids offer superior service at competitive rates

We provide free quotes and a specialized package that best suits your needs.

Lawn Mowing (includes edging and blowing)

Small lawn $40

Medium $45

Large $50 and up

One time mows $50 and up

Most lawns tend to fall into the $40-$45 range

Garden Services

$35 per hour for weekly services or more then 8 hours per month

$38 per hour for biweekly services or more then 4 hours per month

$45 per hour plus applicable dumping fees, for one time or seasonal cleans 

Dumping Fees

Typically there are no extra dumping fees for maintenance. Unless we are removing a large shrub, doing a lot of pruning or there is extra waste from seasonal cleans.  

Mulch Installation Services

$65 per yard (approx 7 large wheelbarrows) Aged Black Mulch (no smell)

Installation takes approximately 1 hour per yard, please see hourly garden rates.

Delivery fee: $70 1-2 yards, $85 3-12 yards

*All prices subject to change*